Goodfellas will get together 25 years on

You won't find Trevor McDonald anywhere near this lot!

‘Critics and filmgoers alike declared Goodfellas great’ is the quote on the back of my DVD of Martin Scorcese‘s mafia flick. Which is why, 25 years on, every man and his dog (or should that be rat?) are beside themselves at the news that a screening of this undoubted classic will close this year’s Tribeca film Festival, for which the cast and crew will reunite.

Yes sir, Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and company will all be gathered at New York’s Beacon Theatre for the occasion, and will also stick around for a post-screening Q&A.

It’s a double celebration for DeNiro, as he is also the co-founder of the festival, which this year will run from April 15-26. The screen legend beamed: “I was most proud of this film 25 years ago, and equally proud of it now. I’m very happy that it is our closing night film.” If all this wasn’t enough for fans, a special edition Blu-ray and Digital HD release is also imminent, complete with a brand-new documentary, Scorsese’s Goodfellas. If all that doesn’t make a wiseguy out of you, then nothing will.

The event will no doubt cause some to puzzle all over again about how the hell Goodfellas ever lost out to Dances with Wolves in the Best Picture category at the 1990 Academy Awards, but nevermind. The Q&A session does at the very least deserve as its chair a funny guy who’s here to amuse you – step forward Jon Stewart.

It would only be fitting to leave the last word to Scorsese – hey, to paraphrase the movie, it would be out of respect – without whom the movie would never have seen the light of day: “We broke some rules and took some risks. So it’s heartening to know that Goodfellas has come to mean so much to so many people.” It certainly has Marty, cheers.

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