News and Rumours Round-Up (22/05/11)

This week's best news!

This week’s best movie news bought to you in five little points!

  • Stephen Fry has joined Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Set to play the Master of Laketown, he’s sure  be a great asset to the project.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has put all projects on hold after recent revelations regarding the reasons behind the breakdown of his marriage were exposed. With the news of Arnie having a secret lovechild with his housekeeper having surfaced, the production of both Terminator 5 and Cry Macho has been stalled.
  • Lars von Trier was banned from Cannes after claiming he sympathised with Hitler.
  • Just when you thought Hollywood had announced a planned remake for every classic ever made they go and annouce another. The latest flick to be re-envisioned is Stephen King’s Carrie.
  • Last, but by no means least, after producion got underway this month, a still from Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises was leaked… and it looks awesome! What do you think?
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