Emily Blunt stars in crime drama Sicario

The roles keep coming for the talented Brit

Emily Blunt‘s latest production Sicario is creating an exciting atmosphere for her fans worldwide. The film will be released on September 18, starring Josh Brolin, famously known for The Goonies and his latest film Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, and Benicio Del Toro. This is not Del Toro’s first film alongside Blunt, as she played the role of Gwen Conliffe in The Wolfman with both Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.

Blunt will be playing the role of Kate Macy, a young FBI agent taking on a CIA operation to combat a dangerous Mexican cartel boss. This seems to be a perfect new character for Blunt to approach in her work. After taking on the physically challenging Edge of Tomorrow alongside Tom Cruise, she is no stranger to strong, empowering women, taking on a refreshingly new dynamic to her acting and female casting in the film business. This incredible performance landed her with the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action Movie, where she expressed the joy of playing a kick-ass character, saying: “It’s the greatest thing to not be a damsel in distress.” This added a feminist twist for actresses who do not want to be boxed into the stereotypical role of women who need to be saved and protected. Blunt is famous for her main role in The Young Victoria, where she delivered a beautiful portrayal of Queen Victoria’s hard childhood, up to her reign as queen and birth of her first child with Prince Albert (Rupert Friend).

I have nothing but praise for her successful career as an actress; she is a down-to-earth, hard-working woman, able to create an easy divide between the pressures of her career and personal life.  She may have been unexpectedly brought into the business, having been discovered by an agent after her sixth form school play performance was shown at a film festival, but she has become one of the world’s top actresses through her complex roles that anyone in the industry would kill for.

Blunt has recently been casted in Cedric Nicholas-Troyan’s latest production Snow White and the Huntsman sequel The Huntsman, alongside Jessica Chastain. She will play Charlize Theron’s evil sister the Snow Queen. This is an excitingly villainous character for Blunt as her recent character roles are heroic and warm – we have not yet seen an evil performance from her. Although she played an arguably evil role as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada, we have also not seen a frosty and purely malevolent performance. Blunt has a natural brilliance to her acting, illustrated this year with her most recent performance as the Baker’s wife in Rob Marshall’s screen adaptation of Broadway’s Into the Woods, earning a Golden Globe nomination.

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