Legend has it Eric Bana is in Arthur movie

'Chopper' to join cast of Knights of the Round Table

Actually, it’s no legend at all; Eric Bana will don the medieval finery as Uther Pendragon, daddy-o of King Arthur, in Guy Ritchie‘s Knights of the Round Table, alongside Charlie Hunnam, who plays Arthur, Jude Law and Djimon Honsou – who needs Fifty Shades of Grey?

Speaking of which, Hunnam was at one point set for the lead in that movie, if only very briefly. But enough of all that nonsense, we’re here to talk about all things Arthurian. Keeping things fair among the male protagonists will be Astrid Berges-Frisby as Guinevere, while Law will play the villain of the piece, with Honsou to cast a spell as Merlin.

Now you’re probably thinking what a brilliant bunch Guy the Geezer has got himself there. True, the boy’s done well, but there are two highly bankable stars who turned him down. Idris Elba had to pass due to other filming commitments, while Liam Neeson took a rain check because, quite frankly, he just didn’t fancy it.

So that’s the cast taken care of, what about the storyline? Unfortunately, the larder’s bare on that score, as it’s all rather hush-hush at the moment. Many cynics and fans alike, will no doubt have their suspicions that, like Sherlock Holmes before it, Ritchie will probably put the subject matter through the re-imagination blender so as to come out with his own unique take on the fable. He may not have any choice as it turns out, because Warner Bros. plan to turn Knights of the Round Table into a six – yes, six – legged franchise. Surely even Merlin will run out of magic tricks by the end of the fourth instalment.

However much Ritchie tampers with perceived wisdom though, we’ll surely see yet again why Arthur is one of the jammiest characters in folklore when he pulls Excalibur from that pesky stone on July 22, 2016.

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