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It's high time someone made these brilliant biopics

With the recent news that the long-awaited biopic of rock band Motley Crue is now definitely on, it really put into perspective how many acts of far greater stock have yet to receive the silver screen treatment. There are so many, that it was difficult to put together an elite few, but here’s the Roobla chart rundown of the top five…

Guns N’ Roses

If it weren’t for the aforementioned Crue, this lot would almost certainly be the undisputed kings of debauchery. Coupled with the huge success that they enjoyed (at their peak they were outselling Nirvana and Metallica put together!), not forgetting the bitter feuds and split, it would make for one hell of a story. The fact that the Guns N’ Roses star burned brightly for a brief moment in time only adds to the legend, but also makes it perfect for a biopic. The only possible problem would be trying to pack it all into one movie!

The Who

The originators of outrage, as well as being a pretty darned talented, thoroughly British bunch, make The Who an absolute must for this shortlist. In fact, a film about original drummer Keith Moon would probably be well worth a watch on its own. Guitarist and head honcho Pete Townshend has, of course, made his own contribution to the movies through Tommy and Quadrophenia, so maybe it’s about time he and his fellow bandmates were represented up there in lights. There would be no shortage of fans, as even those from younger generations are familiar with their work through the CSI franchise.


Before anyone comes out with any smart answers, 2011’s Killing Bono most definitely doesn’t count. Even if U2 were the main focus of that film, it really only concentrates on the first chapter or two. However, it’s the closest we’ve come to a movie about the foursome who were once the undisputed ‘Biggest Band in the World’ for a number of years, so why is this? Well, it’s true to say that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and their offstage antics are a little more sedate than the other entries on this list, but their long, successful and highly eventful career has survived some very different decades, whilst appearing at both Live Aid concerts demands attention in its own right. Despite recent setbacks, they’re showing no signs of going away, which could be where the problem lies.

David Bowie

With a career that has strong ties to the film industry, it seems strange that the Thin White Duke’s story has yet to unfold on the big screen. Major roles in The Hunger and Labyrinth during the 1980s made Bowie quite a bankable actor at the time, whilst his son, director Duncan Jones, is currently beavering at the adaptation of Warcraft. His life in music has been an extraordinary one, having now clocked up close to half a century of greatness. As chameleon-like as they come, with a prodigious talent and numerous stories of excess to boot, we’re waiting with baited breath.

Freddie Mercury

A Queen biopic could easily be the subject for this last entry, but it was their charismatic frontman’s hedonistic antics, both on and off the stage, that always lit the fuse. It’s also the reason why, over the years since Mercury’s passing, that various interested parties have had their names attached to a project that has still to get off the ground. This is far from the first time that fact has been bemoaned by yours truly, but if it’s mentioned often enough someone might take the hint one day – maybe.

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