Nicolas Cage and his Army of One

Unhinged avenger Gary Faulkner to be portrayed on the big screen

He’s possibly the most hit-and-miss actor of all-time, but Nicolas Cage‘s next movie could well have us talking for all the right reasons because he will be playing the irrepressible Gary Faulkner in Army of One.

Gary who? You know, Gary Faulkner? That guy who went to Pakistan to try and capture Osama Bin Laden in 2010?

There’s probably a fair few of you out there who are still puzzled, but are nevertheless intrigued by what you’ve just read – and you’ve every right to be. This is the story of an ordinary man on an extraordinary mission, but it all went relatively unnoticed, particularly on this side of the Atlantic.

It was Gary’s brother, Scott Faulkner, who drove him to the airport and who was also well aware of his plans – this was, after all, his eleventh attempt! Scott picks up the story: “He was in great spirits. He was excited about his trip. I remember he was looking at his crossbow, deciding whether or not he should take it.” On June 15, Scott’s phone rang at the unearthly hour of four a.m., as Gary had been found. Soon everyone knew, including their own mother, who wasn’t even aware Gary was in Pakistan until Fox News called.

Asked if he thought his brother was crazy, Scott replied: “Well, as a physician I see people with psychological problems all day, and I could attest that he did not have psychosis, schizophrenia, any of those diagnoses. Yes, it’s out of the norm, but that’s what Gary does. It was his passion, his calling.”

Anyhow, as fascinating a story as it is, let’s not forget about Nic. Yes, for every triumph there’s been a turkey, but it’s when he plays someone who’s ever so slightly off his rocker that he seems to come into his own, and surely Gary Faulkner isn’t quite all there. Army of One is due to start shooting in March in time for release at the end of the year.

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