Jennifer Lawrence and James Cameron to collaborate for The Dive

Freediving biopic on the cards for actress and director

Jennifer Lawrence has already been working closely with director Francis Lawrence throughout the filming of The Hunger Games series, and has agreed to work together again for The Dive. This time the two will be teaming up with James Cameron, who will produce the movie with Rae Sanchini (his partner at Lightstorm Entertainment) and Barry Josephson, with Dana Stevens (who wrote Safe Haven) working on the script.

Cameron had been planning The Dive for years, but was unable to focus his attention on it completely due to his prior commitments working on Avatar sequels. Instead, Cameron passed it on to Francis Lawrence who is now set to direct the movie whilst still working closely with the legendary filmmaker.

It is as yet unknown when production of this title will begin, as Lawrence is currently preparing to shoot other films she has already agreed to, such as X-Men: Apocolypse, directed by Bryan Singer, and is still currently finishing work on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, also directed by Francis Lawrence, which comes to cinemas later this year.

The Dive is a tragic biopic about married couple Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferarras and Audrey Mestre, who will be played by Lawrence in the film. Ferarras, already a freediver, trains Mestre in the sport. The two then begin to compete with each other in a bid to see who can dive underwater the deepest on a single breath of air. The plot follows the story  of the romance between the two, and the tragedy that befalls the couple after Mestre (Lawrence) dies during an attempt at besting her own freediving record of 557.7 feet at just 28 years of age. Her widowed husband Ferarras then seeks to honour her and can think of only one way in which to do so, freediving to the same depth Mastre had, with the attempt filmed by James Cameron himself.

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