Review: Two Night Stand (2014)

An enjoyable romantic comedy with great casting, and a memorable and modern plot that is full of awkward and funny moments

Veteran music video director Max Nichols (son of Oscar-winner Mike Nichols) makes his directing debut with this charming romantic comedy Two Night Stand.

Warning! There may be spoilers ahead.

Two Night Stand is a romantic comedy about an online hook-up that forces a couple of young New Yorkers, Megan (Analeigh Tipton) and Alec (Miles Teller), to spend a lot more time together than they had planned, after a snowstorm hits New York during their one-night-stand.

Megan finds herself unemployed and unattached months after graduating college. Heartbroken from the recent break down of her engagement and spurred on by her roommate Faiza (Jessica Szohr) and boyfriend Cedric (Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi)  she finds herself signing on to an online dating website and looking for a no strings attached arrangement. After building herself up with wine she propositions Alec and finds herself making her way across New York to his apartment for her very first one-night-stand. The next morning Megan bids farewells and leaves the apartment, only to find that she is trapped inside the building due to a blizzard, and has to spend a lot more time with Alec than she had hoped.

Unable to leave, Megan finds herself seeking shelter with Alec for the next day and night. Their time together is awkward and comedic, and they find themselves going between having fun to arguing and back. They decide that to make the most of their unfortunate situation they would have the unique opportunity to give each other tips on how to please their future partners in the bedroom which leads to a very interesting turn of affairs.

Two Night Stand is a typical romantic comedy in the sense that you have an unlikely and slightly predictable romance blossoming between two people who seem to completely hate each other when they first meet. However, it remains to be said that I found this one particularly charming and witty. The characters of both Megan and Alec are relatable and leave the audience wanting more, urging them to set their stubborn attitudes and bickering aside to get together. The casting for the two main roles was perfect; I don’t feel that anyone could portray the quirkiness and awkwardness of Megan better than Tipton, or the cockiness and slight insecurity of Alec better than Teller.

Interestingly whilst filming Two Night Stand, both main actors Tipton and Teller found themselves stranded in an apartment together without power, which is parallel to the film and could be the reason Tipton and Teller showed such believability and chemistry in their acting. It was important that they captivate the audience as the story is centred on just those two characters in one apartment, and they succeeded with this.

Whilst I did expect more funny moments in this, I was not disappointed; I did not feel bored, and found myself laughing out loud at times. My favourite scene happens at approximately 30 minutes into the film, where the main characters seem to be getting along a lot more and letting themselves go, which was very cute. The final scene has a unique touch which fits in so well with the characters and their personalities that I could not think of another way for it to be done (and wouldn’t want to).

Two Night Stand is a cute and charming film with talented actors in the lead roles, but it is not a film for everyone. It has some comedic parts, but is not hilariously funny and is predictable in the way most rom coms are, but remains enjoyable. As a sucker for romantic comedies, I would say this is one of the better ones, and not something I have seen done time and time again.

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