The Interview may be responsible for Sony breaches

The Interview, an upcoming movie starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, may be the catalyst behind the recent Sony hackings that have stifled Hollywood.

In a newly released article posted on Variety, regarding the recent computer breaches on Sony’s network, there is speculation that hackers are threatening further action if Sony proceeds with the release of The Interview, their upcoming comedy film starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. It centres around two American journalists hired by the CIA to travel to North Korea and assassinate their leader, Kim Jong Un.

There is no confirmation yet as to whether or not the hackers are actually talking about the controversial film, being that it was not specifically stated in their threat. North Korea also denies any involvement in the attacks and present threats, but the government has raised concerns about the film in the past and condemns it’s future release, claiming it to be an act of war.

Sounds kind of suspicious to me, though. I mean, lets put it into a perspective we can all visualise. You have a neighbour who has expressively disliked you for years. Sometime later, you tell your neighbour that you are going to buy a puppy. Your neighbour tells you how much he doesn’t want you to get a damn puppy, but you keep saving up for it anyway, until suddenly nude photos of you surface online and an anonymous email comes to you, threatening to release those pics of you in that teddy bear costume you thought would be kinky to wear on Valentines day if you buy a certain something… maybe a puppy? Who knows. I think I just covered the majority of our nation’s political issues with that analogy. Anyway, Sony will be conducting a debriefing through the course of this week to provide all of the information they currently have to their staff and customers.

Keep an eye out as this issue unfolds. As of now, employee records and finances have been released. Hopefully, nothing else surfaces from this, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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