10 Reasons Why Ryan Reynolds is the Greatest Man Alive!

Who is the greatest man alive? Who is the greatest Ryan alive? Ryan Reynolds! Here are 10 reason why he is!

With Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed as playing Doctor Strange in Marvel’s movie of the same name I take a look at another actor who also appears in the Marvel universe, another actor who is also the best man alive, Ryan Reynolds!

Now some people may disagree and I will respectfully tell them they are wrong. Here is why:

1. Ryan Reynolds is a man of many talents, one of them is being an amazing actor. As well as starring in many films, he is also one of the very few actors to play a comic book character from both Marvel and DC.

2. Mr Reynolds was also voted ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ back in 2010, a title he still holds, but to make the competition fair the award had to go to other people. Can Ryan Gosling boast such a feat? No!

3. He rides a motorbike! Sure he could ride a push bike but what is bad ass about a push bike? Nothing. It is for this reason that the super awesome Ryan Reynolds rides a motorbike.

4. Love him or hate him for it, but be very jealous because he was once married to Scarlett Johansson. A leaked sex tape of these two would win Oscars and possibly be the most beautiful thing ever!

5. He is now married to and had a baby with Blake Lively! Not sure who is luckier here, Blake or Ryan? Your choice.

6. He once broke his back in like twelve places and brushed it off like nothing happened. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but he did hurt his back severely after jumping off a bridge in Zurich – what a nutter! Did it slow him down? Hell no.

7. You just know he would be the first to get a round in. I bet he’d have a Guinness in the winter and maybe a Corona in the summer and drink them with style. I haven’t met him and I don’t know him but I bet he has mad banter skills in the pub too.

8. Another thing that makes Ryan so damn awesome is his dress sense. No over the top outfits in crazy colour accompanied by strange little man bags. Just a cool smart casual look when he is out and about and wicked awesome suits when he is strutting his stuff on the red carpet.

9. Just a guess, but he looks like he smells good.

10. He knows how to throw a party and fight vampires, I’ve seen him do it! The world can rest easy knowing that Ryan Reynolds is around to fight off the rebirth of Dracula and then throw a kick-ass party after.

So there you have it. 10 reasons as to why Ryan Reynolds is the greatest person ever and should really be my best friend. We could play some sports, maybe watch a movie, grab a beer and if we end up in a bath together, well, it’s just what mates do.

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