Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 premiered last night...

Captain Jack Sparrow is set to return to cinema screens next week (18th May). To celebrate, the stars attended Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides‘ premiere last night.

With legendary pirate Blackbeard (here played by Ian McShane), Penelope Cruz, mermaids and the Fountain of Youth all set to feature in Disney’s 3D swashbuckling adventure, the film will undoubtedly wow audiences.

The stars greeted the hordes of fans who queued to catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp and co. Months after accepting an invitation made to help stage a mutiny at her school, Depp invited Beatrice Delap to be his plus one for the event. Understandably elated, Beatrice was snapped with the Hollywood A-lister as well getting to hug the much adored actor.

Be sure to check back for our coverage of the film’s release but, until then, here are some pictures taken at last night’s bash…

School girl Delap with Depp
Ian McShane who plays Blackbeard
Penelope Cruz greeting fans



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