Top 10 Movie Villains You Could Beat in a Fight

Which movie villain would you beat most easily? Find out here!

Following our list of Hollywood’s meanest fighters we take a look at the less-threatening baddies the film world has to offer in our top ten villains you could beat in a fight…

10. Hans GruberDie Hard

He may have orchestrated the take-over of an office tower and held everyone hostage, but this pretty boy would stop fighting back if you messed up his expensive suit or hair. A jab to the nose would really get him running.

9. The ArchitectThe Matrix

The computer program behind the computer program that humanity is stuck in… yeah right. This fight wouldn’t even come to fists. Just uninstall him and complain to Windows or switch to a Mac.

8. Damien ThornThe Omen

He may be the son of the devil but he is just a kid after all. I don’t condone hitting kids (unless they are being right little buggers. As my parents did with me) but there is a newer method to tackle this brat… The Naughty Step. Send him there and watch him wail like a baby.

7. Norman BatesPsycho

This fella has some proper mummy issues. This would be a very easy fight for anyone. Give him a backhand around the head and tell him to stop wearing his mums clothes.

6. Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd Diamonds are Forever

These two would be more threatening if they weren’t forever bickering like a married couple. You could easily catch them off-guard and floor them.

5. Biff TannenBack To The Future

He may be dumb and slow, but he has a bit of muscle on him. Remember he’s easily beat by maths though. Plus, if Marty McFly’s Dad can floor him with just one punch, anyone could.

4. Voldermort Harry Potter

A rubbish villain if ever there was one. Many would disagree with this one, but think about it for a moment. He can’t even beat a geeky kid. That to me suggests he isn’t as big a threat as people believe. What is he going to do in a fight – wave his stick around? I’m sure Marty McFly’s Dad would strike fear into the heart of this villain.

3. Penguin Batman Returns

He is a man that has some of the same traits as a penguin and spends all his time with them. Penguins aren’t the most terrifying of animals out there… they can’t even fly. Lamp him and watch him take flight… oh yeah, he can’t.

2. Aliens Signs

This is a no-brainer. They melt when wet which, when you think about it, is pretty useless when they try to invade a planet that is around 70% water. It’s a losing fight for them from the first bell. It’s a dirty tactic but spit in their eyes and watch them literally melt leaving it one of the easiest fights you could have.

1. ChuckyChild’s Play

The easiest villain to beat in a fight has to be Chucky. He may be a toy possessed by a homicidal maniac, but come on, it’s just a dolly really. Just hoof him and watch him fly. To add insult to injury put him in a toy box at a play school and watch the kids destroy him!

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