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The King’s Speech
Perhaps the biggest film of the year (at award ceremonies at least), The King’s Speech is finally released on DVD this week. Colin Firth provides a career-defining performance as King George VI, a royal plagued by a speech impediment that could scupper his duties. Enter Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue, a pioneering speech therapist that could help the king overcome his disability and lead the country through the world war.

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Lovely, Still
Robert (Martin Landau), an elderly batchelor, experiences first love when neighbour Mary appears. Exploring the giddy highs love brings, Lovely, Still is an affecting story that carries a sinister undertone, resulting in a crushing finale.

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The Way Back
Based on real events that took place in the second world war, The Way Back charts the efforts of a group of Siberia’s prisoners as they walk 4,000 miles to freedom. Starring Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and a rather grizzly Colin Farrell, The Way Back is attention-grabbing and provocative.

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Blue Valentine
Charting the break-up of a once flourishing relationship, Blue Valentine is both commanding and heart-breaking. Starring The Notebook‘s Ryan Gosling and Brokeback Mountain‘s Michelle Williams the film delicately intertwines their romance’s early days and the cracks that have developed in their marriage six years later.

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Also released…
I Saw the Devil
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
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In Cinemas…

Attack the Block
Hotly tipped as the new Shaun of the Dead, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block sees a inner city flat tower invaded by aliens. Starring Nick Frost and a gaggle of fresh-faced teens, the film embraces city culture to tell a comic story of survival and defence.

Taxi Driver
Don’t worry – Martin Scorsese’s 1976 classic hasn’t been subjected to Hollywood’s love of remakes, the classic is being re-released this week to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Robert De Niro stars as a Vietnam veteran mentally scarred by his experiences. Working as a night taxi driver, De Niro lashes out at the world around him.

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