News and Rumour Round-Up (08/05/11)

This week's best movie news!

In case you missed this week’s big movie news stories, we’ve rounded up our five favourites here;

  • Paul W. S. Anderson will direct disaster epic Pompeii. No prizes for guessing what exactly causes the disaster, the film will focus on a slave’s ambitions of escaping his enslaved predicament. Presumably such plans will be scuppered by that pesky Mount Vesuvius.
  • Anchorman fans will be pleased to hear that Will Ferrell is still keen to do a sequel. With a concept already produced that is reportedly good enough to see the stars reunite, the American comedian cites Paramount Studios’s stalling as being the main reason the project hasn’t been given the green light. Will Ron Burgundy return to our screens? Time will tell…
  • In a galaxy far far away… techs are working hard to bring fans the ultimate movie saga to Blu-Ray life. Yep, Star Wars is to be released in all its glory on Blu-Ray on the 12th September this year.
  • In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death, rumours have been rife about a film adaptation of the U. S. government’s struggle with terrorism. Kathryn Bigelow, director of the acclaimed Hurt Locker, is set to helm the subtly titled Kill Bin Laden. Joel Edgerton has been drafted in, set to play a special op who’s hot on Bin Laden’s trail after the 9/11 atrocity. Writer Mark Boal is rumoured to have written in an epic fight-filled finale to coincide with last week’s events.
  • The Hangover star Bradley Cooper is set to play the devilish role of Lucifer in a movie adaptation of Milton’s 17th century poem Paradise Lost.
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