Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman movie

Warner Bros. sign up Breaking Bad maestro for superheroine adventure

It’s been a wait of Amazonian proportions, but it finally looks like people have got their rear ends into gear in a genuine attempt to bring us a Wonder Woman movie. Warner Bros. have found their heroine in Gal Gadot and now they’ve moved swiftly on to recruit Michelle MacLaren as director.

Prior to this, Gadot will make her debut as the star-spangled suffragette in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, due out March 2016 – a gentle introduction to the character, if you will. Well, fair’s fair, it has only been a mere twenty years in the making, why rush?

On a serious note, it is thought that the biggest decision as far as the storyline goes will be how much of it will concentrate on Wonder Woman’s childhood – she is the daughter of Zeus after all. Should MacLaren get stuck in the development process, there’s her talented production team of Charles Roven, Zack Snyder and Debbie Snyder to fall back on. Failing that, there’s an endless raft of comic books and that iconic 70s TV series.

One thing that was always nailed-on amongst all the indecision and procrastination was a female director. MacLaren was up against Jennifer Kent and Lesli Linka Glater before she was offered the chair. It’s no exaggeration to say that Wonder Woman, whether in print or on screen, has been an inspiration to women everywhere, symbolising their empowerment; therefore a feminine touch was definitely the order of the day.

However, it was not just a pretty face that got MacLaren the gig. The veteran Canadian’s credits read like a roll call of TV hits. Try Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, preceded by lashings of The X-Files, and it’s not hard to see why Warner Bros. were keen to talk. Hell, all that’s missing from the CV is a spell at Roobla.

The film will be coming to a fleapit near you in June 2017, putting the ‘late’ into belated like never before (we hope).

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