Steve Jobs a good' un for Universal

Studio takes over Apple biopic where Sony left off, with Michael Fassbender set to take the lead

It was only a week ago that every geek was blowing a microchip at the news that Sony had pulled out of the Steve Jobs biopic. Fear not tech-heads, because Universal has now come to the rescue.

There is further cause for celebration, as Michael Fassbender is looking like the new favourite to play the co-founder of Apple.

It’s all been a bit weird, quite frankly. Sony overcame the potential system crash it had been staring in the face, while on the acting front Christian Bale was all set to take the lead. Still, every iCloud has a silver lining and all that.

One thing that shouldn’t need refreshing is the writing. Penning this is Aaron Sorkin, he who landed an Oscar for his work on The Social Network – could the script be in better hands? As for direction, this is the responsibility of Danny Boyle; not necessarily someone who the techies will immediately identify with, but who will surely do them proud.

Sorkin, who is adapting from the autobiography by Walter Isaacson, will not be documenting Jobs’ life from the very beginning, but will instead focus on three key moments from his time with Apple. Yet it would seem that, despite downsizing in this way, Sorkin isn’t taking the task lightly, comparing it to “a little like writing about the Beatles.”

Back to the casting, let’s not forget the organisation’s other founder Steve Wozniak. It’s far from concrete at the moment, but comedian Seth Rogen could well be given the part and, in turn, would play his maiden dramatic role. What is a little closer to being signed and sealed is the film’s leading lady, with Natalie Portman currently in talks.

As Universal have spent around $30m on buying Sony out, they must see potential somewhere. All we need now are the title and release date.

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