Big Hero 6 blows away Interstellar

Disney's animated comedy takes top spot in the US

After a huge weekend at the US box office it was Disney who won the heavyweight clash, as Big Hero 6 showed Interstellar that it takes more than just a fancy wormhole to get to number one.

It was not all doom and gloom for Paramount, however, as Christopher Nolan‘s space odyssey performed better worldwide.

But whether they like it or not, it’s America that’s the movie industry’s flagship market and many expected Interstellar to come out on top here as well. It just goes to show that an inflatable robot can work wonders – 56.2 million of them to be precise.

All told, that’s how many dollars Big Hero 6 scooped stateside, with Interstellar a few light years away on $50 million. Gone Girl was behind them in third place, with Ouija coming fourth.

Apparently, this is only the fourth time in American box office history that two films have opened in the same weekend with $50 million or more (answers on a postcard if you happen to know the other three pairings, or feel free to comment below!). Rentrak’s Paul Dergarabedian said: “By opening a diversity of product against each other, the industry can expand the marketplace.” The respected media analyst also described this Hollywood head-to-head as “a perfect example of counterprogramming.”

Whatever that means. So are Paramount sore losers from all of this? Possibly. Their head of domestic marketing and distribution, Megan Colligan, is in no doubt as to why Interstellar didn’t hit the heights of Inception, Nolan’s previous effort, or Paramount’s recent sci-fi flick Gravity: “The difference is Interstellar isn’t in 3D, and certainly the running time on our film does change the play pattern in that you lose an evening show.” It’s any excuse these days.

Interstellar could well win the war, but last weekend’s particular battle showed that family fun of the type Big Hero 6 provides is always a safe bet.

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