5 Film Roles Gerard Butler Would Have Nailed

If Gerard Butler was cast instead of the actors who took up these roles we'd all be a little more Spartan.

Everyone’s favourite Scottish Spartan is the new face of Hugo Boss’s man perfume. He has taken on the role after Mr Ryan Reynolds, but what other roles would Gerard Butler have been perfect for? We take a look at what could and should have been.

1. Harry Potter

Gerard Butler is fills the large shoes of Giant and homeless looking Hagrid. Here is how it would play out; Gerard Butler: “Harry?” Radcliffe: “ Yes Hargid?” Gerard Butler: “YOU ARE A WIZARD HARRY!” Followed by Butler Spartan kicking Harry through a stained glass window.

2. Twilight

The Scot tackles the role of Sparkles the Vampire. Kristen Stewart: “I know what you are.” Gerard Butler: “SAY IT OUT LOUD! SAY IT!” Spartan kicked to the deck like a pile of potatoes!

3. Twilight

In the same movie Gerard Butler could have played the perpetually miserable role of Bella. Sparkles: “Say it out loud… Say it.” Gerard Butler: “VAMPIRE!” Followed by a Spartan kick that knocks the sparkles off her vampire lover.

4. E.T.

A change of roll for Gerard Butler as we see him flawlessly play the complex role of a midget alien. There would be a chance for Gerard Butler to show off his more sensitive side, like in the ET’s infamous emotional ending. Gerard Butler (touching his glowing chest) “Ouch.” Elliot (Taking the piss and mimicking the alien) “Ouch.” Gerard Butler: “I’LL BE RIGHT HERE!” followed by a very short Spartan kick before he returns to his home planet.

5. White House Down

Instead of Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum playing the lead it is Gerard Butler saving the American president and the White House by Spartan kicking terrorists all over the place… wait… never mind.

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