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Platoon assembled for Dad's Army movie

Cast confirmed for film of classic sitcom

Back in April, it was reported on this wonderful website (please pardon the self-plugging) that a movie of the much-loved sitcom Dad’s Army was in the offing. Here at Roobla, we’re pleased to bring you news that casting for the film is now complete.

A whole host of famous faces have been assembled to breathe new life into this national institution, which had its first, and to date only, big-screen parade back in 1971.

Anyway, at ease and all that, here’s a rundown of the raw recruits. Toby Jones and Bill Nighy are two names that had already been pencilled in for the roles of Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson respectively. The deal has since been done, with the pair now ready and waiting to get stuck into the pivotal parts.

Joining the ranks with them are Tom Courtenay as the dithering Lance-Corporal Jones, with the voice of The World’s Local Bank, Michael Gambon, bringing up the rear as Private Godfrey. Danny Mays will play crafty cockney Private Walker, while Bill Paterson is going to turn all dark and gloomy on us as Private Fraser.

In the TV series itself, it was young Private Pike who usually bore the brunt of Mainwaring’s wrath. Playing the ‘stupid boy’ is someone who needs no guidance on how to play such characters, The InbetweenersBlake Harrison. Surely most would agree that Neil could even be sitcom land’s worthy successor to Pike.

The film’s storyline will centre around a spy in the camp, as well as a hotshot reporter – enter a touch of Hollywood glam in the form of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The former Darling Buds of May actress is to take on the role of the journalist, sent in to get the inside track on the inept bunch.

All of this will be set in 1944. Sadly, as years go, this all that is known, as a release date has yet to be announced. Until then, we’ll just have to soldier on.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC, Metro

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