5 Iron Man 4 plot ideas we'd definitely watch more than once

We have a feeling that the world's most prestigious studios will soon be hiring Roobla for future film ideas

With a fourth installment of the Iron Man franchise now on the horizon we can’t help but wonder what the future of everyone’s favourite narcissist holds. Here are some ideas (possibly) floating around the Marvel Head Quarters:

1. Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark and Pepper ‘Hot’ Pots have a baby!

In this movie Tony and Pepper have a baby, aka Iron Baby! In a story similar to Baby’s Day out we see Iron Baby kidnapped by the same terrorist who kidnapped Tony in the first film as revenge. Little did they know Tony Jnr is a genius too. Using an assortment of baby toys and recycled goods the little tyke makes his own armor, not only saving himself, but also the world.

2. Iron Man vs The Iron Lady.

In a strange twist of fate Iron Man must return to the past to stop Margret ‘The Iron Lady’ Thatcher closing the mines as they contain the last of the planets coal reserves. Although a champion of green energy, Tony is a massive fan of the Muppets Christmas Carol and as such wants to give his workers baskets of coal like what Scrooge did once his heart grew a few sizes. The problem is the world’s run out. He takes it upon himself to battle Thatcher hand to hand in his Iron Man armor to stop her closing the mines. Expect a lot of explosions and a very unwanted but needed kiss between hero and villain.

3. Pepper Pots and Black Widow Kiss!

Not a lot needed to explain this, just an hour or two of Pots and Widow getting off with each other. Instant Classic.

4. Terrance Howard and Don Cheadle go toe to toe to work out who the real Rhodey is.

After the first movie Tony is like: “what the hell? Rhodey have you had surgery?” No explanation is given until now. Tony musty work out who the real Rhodey is and has to fight his best friend, or who he thinks is his best friend. At the same time Robert Downey Jnr has been replaced in this film by Adam Sandler.

5. Iron Sandler.

After realising Adam Sandler hasn’t been in a superhero movie yet, even though his performance in Grown Ups is outstanding, Tony Stark finds Adam Sandler at a party and builds him a suit. This suit is proper awesome. It has a water cooler on the back like from Water Boy and a hockey stick putter like from Happy Gilmore. Instantly the year’s funniest movie.

Our favourite idea is number three. What’s yours? Comment below.

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