Snow White and the Huntsman prequel for 2016

Universal are going ahead with the follow-up to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman, with the new film set to be a prequel

Universal announced this week that the follow-up to Snow White and the Huntsman is moving forward, and will be released in 2016. The film will be titled The Huntsman, and will be a prequel focusing on the interaction between the evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) prior to all the business with Snow White (Kristen Stewart, who will not be appearing in the film).

A press release said that the prequel will ‘reveal how the fates of two characters, The Huntsman Eric and Ravenna, intersected before they met Snow White’. 

We don’t want to jump the gun at this extremely early stage, but even we have to admit that this film already sounds like it’s going to be only marginally more interesting than watching paint dry. The presence of returning stars Hemsworth and Theron will give the film some pretty hefty acting clout, but something tells us that won’t be nearly enough to turn The Huntsman into a hit.

The writers are going to have to come up with a pretty spectacular plot to make this film sound even half interesting; unfortunately for them, they don’t have a whole lot to work with. Judging from hints in the first film, the evil Ravenna clearly had something to do with the demise of the Huntsman’s wife, but seeing as we know that Ravenna won’t actually cop it until Snow White shanks her in the next film, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the prequel will have a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.

Plus, a Snow White film with no Snow White? We’re not overly fond of Kristen Stewart’s face popping up on our screens, but that sounds like an idea put forward by a besuited man in a boardroom who never watched a film in his life. Something is going to have to rush to fill the big Snow White shaped hole in the middle of this movie, and it’s going to have to be a bit special in order to grab our interest.

The Huntsman is to be directed by Frank Darabont, and released on April 22nd 2016.

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