Silence over as Scorsese's next movie is set for November 2015

Film fans finally get their wish as Paramount step in to back Goodfellas director's latest project

It’s taken longer than a GoodfellasCasino DVD marathon, but Martin Scorsese has now earmarked a release date for his next movie, Silence, which should be with us by November 2015.

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s bedfellow now has everything in place to adapt the story of two 17th century priests on a mission to spread the word of Christianity throughout Japan.

Whether or not the runaway success of The Wolf of Wall Street has stalled things up until this point is hard to tell. Had all gone according to plan, Scorsese would probably be sat in the director’s chair as we speak. He was, however, all set to get the wheels in motion after finishing Hugo, but decided to get The Wolf underway instead.

After much dithering on their part, Paramount have finally come forward to give their backing to the project – and why wouldn’t they? Shutter Island, Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street have all been global smashes; all three are Paramount-Scorsese ventures.

It’s not just the studios that the director has wrapped around his little finger these days, as a whole raft of megastars want a piece of the action as well. Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield are definites for Silence, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Javier Bardem both strongly linked.

Yep, it seems the world just can’t get enough of the greatest Italian-American ever to yell ‘cut!’ Yet strangely, there was a time when he was a walking advert for not letting a lack of Oscars get you down. Despite a gloriously blood-soaked back catalogue that Quentin Tarantino would kill for, the Academy Award for Best Director remained as elusive as a candid interview with Robert DeNiro. Sure, the likes of Raging Bull are classics that grossed handsomely at the box office, but aside from the odd BAFTA or Golden Globe, personal honours and recognition were hard to come by.

All of that, of course, changed in 2006 when the ultimate prize finally came Marty’s way for The Departed. He can do whatever the hell he wants nowadays, so if Silence is postponed into 2016, don’t be at all surprised.

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