Shia LaBeouf arrested for 'disorderly conduct'

The 28 year old actor was arrested in New York after causing a disturbance at a performance of Cabaret

Oh dear.

Actor Shia LaBeouf, whose erratic behaviour has been attracting attention of late, has been arrested at Studio 54 in New York after causing a disturbance during a performance of Cabaret. Apparently he was smoking inside the theatre, and just generally making a royal nuisance of himself.

‘”He was being rather difficult and combative, verbally…to the point where security guards asked him to please leave the premises and he refused,” said NYPD spokesperson George Tsourovakas. “Police were called and he was detained and arrested.”

LaBeouf was taken into custody and charged with criminal conduct and disorderly conduct. It’s also being reported that he threatened the cops who were arresting him, as well as people on the street outside the theatre.

This is just the latest in a series of questionable acts from LaBeouf; in January this year he was filmed allegedly head-butting a man at a bar in London, and he was recently taken to task for plagiarism in his short film Plus there was the whole paper bag incident, an apparent attempt at a living art installation, the exact meaning of which is still a mystery.

LaBeouf has most recently starred in Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, and also acts alongside Brad Pitt in Fury, which is to be released on October 24th.

Sources: Guardian, ABC News
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