News and Rumour Round-Up 24/04/11

Here's what happened this week...

Happy Easter, film fans!! In case all the chocolate has affected your memory, here’s this week’s top five news stories!!

  • Let Me In director Matt Reeves is set to get his directorial hands on Justin Cronin’s vamp story The Passage.
  • Bourne’s legacy will be continued by Jeremy Renner. The Hurt Locker star will replace Matt Damon as the series’s focus.
  • Underworld star Kate Beckinsale is rumoured to have nabbed the role of Lori in the Total Recall remake. She will star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger replacement Colin Farrell.
  • After news that Helena Bonham Carter is set to star as Miss Havisham in the Great Expectations adaptation, Ralph Fiennes’s name has also been attached to the project. The Harry Potter star will potentially star as Magwitch, the escaped convict.
  • Ian Holm will definitely star as the older Bilbo in The Hobbit.
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