Top 10 Movie Vampires

How has Bram Stoker's legend fared in cinemas? Check our list and find out!

Here’s our top 10 movie vampires… do you agree? Let us know!

10. Blade – Blade Trilogy
Wesley Snipes single-handedly made vampires cool back in 1998 with Blade, a half-vamp, half-human hybrid intent on kicking vamp-ass.

9. Jerry – Fright Night (1985)
If we’re honest, we all think our neighbours are a little weird, right? Imagine Charley Brewster’s horror when he discovers his next door naighbour Jerry (Chris Sarandon) is, in fact, a vampire. We might stock up on the garlic cloves, just in case.

8. Dracula – Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Okay, he may not be the most serious appearance on our list, but we loved the star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s vampire opera ‘A Taste For Love’. It won Mila Kunis over too.

7. Orlock – Nosferatu
Orlock arguably should have appeared higher up our list but hey, we never promised the list would be fair. Placed at number seven merely because he’s not as cool as some of our other long-toothed patrons, Orlock is a cinema veteran, having appeared in the German silent film Nosferatu, a 1920’s film based loosely on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

6. Selene – Underworld
Kate Beckingsale appears at number six as Selene. Warring with the lycans, long-term enemies to her coven, she begins to unearth hidden vampiric secrets after falling in love with werewolf Michael.

5. Louis de Pointe de Lac – Interview With the Vampire
Brad Pitt reminisces about the good old times in Interview With the Vampire. After being turned by a blood-thirsty Tom Cruise, Louis tells of the battle he endures between his conscience and his thirst.

4. Razor Charlie (and friends) – From Dusk til Dawn
Brad Pitt’s Ocean’s Eleven partner George Clooney is attacked by a group of vampires posing as a strip club and it’s clientel in this 90’s Rodriguez flick. Penned by (and starring) Quentin Tarantino, the film features Rodriguez favourite Danny Trejo as well as a scantily-clad toothy Salma Hayeck.

3. Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga
Poor old Edward is a bit like Marmite – for Twilight readers and for vampire lovers alike. While some relish in the new vampire legend evoked by Stephenie Meyer’s work, purists recoil from the idea of twinkly vamps. Luckily Ed is unfazed and quietly broods over Bella from a distance anyway.

2. Dracula – Dracula, Hammer studio’s various sequels
Dracula appears once again on our list, this time in the guise of the less puppety, more socially revered Christopher Lee. Providing a performance that would give Hammer studios some of their most successful films, Lee’s Dracula hissed his way through the films when Lee reportedly refused to voice his badly written lines. Whatever the story, Dracula was nonetheless a hit.

1. David – The Lost Boys
Although David may not be a very scary name, Kiefer Sutherland gave audiences chills back in 1987 in vampire cult classic The Lost Boys. Turning unknowing newbie Michael into a vampire, David successfully plays with the newcomer’s fragile mind. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman shine as budding vampire hunters whilst their attempts to uncover the true identity of Lucy’s suitor unmask a harrowing discovery…


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