News and Rumour Round-Up 17/04/11

This was the week that Peter Jackson announced The Hobbit was to be filmed at 48fps... what else happened... ?

Missed what happened in the movie world this week? Here’s the week’s best bits…

  • Nicholas Cage was arrested on Saturday morning after being charged with domestic abuse in New Orleans.
  • Peter Jackson announced that The Hobbit will be the first major motion picture to be filmed at 48 frames per second, allowing for a more life-like visual experience that will far surpass the current 24fps format. Although the announcement received backlash on Twitter, Jackson is confident many cinemas will be ready for The Hobbit‘s release in 2012.
  • Helena Bonham Carter is reportedly set to star in Mike Newell’s Great Expectations adap. Carter’s quirkiness is sure to set the role of the eerie spinster Miss Havisham alight. Jeremy Irvine, soon to grace the silver screen in the hotly anticipated War Horse is rumoured to bag the role of Pip.
  • Cannes is on its way and the line-up has been announced! The biggies include The Tree of Life, Sleeping Beauty, The Beaver and POTC 4.
  • Robert Zemeckis is hoping to recover his credibility in Tinseltown after the less than successful Mars Needs Moms. Set to return with the oddly titled mo-cap How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, Zemeckis will no doubt remind audiences of his directorial brilliance (hey, the guy did bring us Back to the Future, after all).


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