Trailer Review: Life of Crime (2013)

Crime doesn't pay.

Elmore Leonard’s works are often adapted for movies and Life of Crime is a big screen version of his 1978 novel, The Switch. A new trailer for the crime film is now online and it stars Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher, John Hawkes, Yaslin Bay and Mark Boone Junior. The movie is directed by Daniel Schechter.

Hawkes and Bay play two bumbling crooks called Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie who kidnap Aniston’s character, Mickey Dawson. Their plan is to ransom her for big money as her husband Frank Dawson (Tim Robbins) is a wealthy but corrupt real estate tycoon. Unfortunately for the kidnappers, Frank hates his wife and is unwilling to pay the ransom because he doesn’t want her back. He would rather spend time with his mistress Melanie Ralston (Isla Fisher) and forget about Mickey. This creates a big problem for Gara and Ordell who are now stuck with a hostage they can’t ransom. Things them become more complicated as Mickey wants revenge against her husband while Odell and Gara get more desperate.

The film looks entertaining and Tim Robbins in particular appears to be having fun with his role. Aniston also has an interesting role here and it will be cool to see what she does with it. It also nice to see Isla Fisher, John Hawkes and Mark Boone Junior as they always deliver good performances.

All the main cast members get some screen time in the trailer which makes good use of split screen footage. It also has a comical tone which works well for a caper movie and great music. It is entertaining to watch the kidnappers blunder into one disaster after another while Frank Dawson thanks his lucky stars.

Life of Crime will be released on August 29th in the US and on September 5th in the UK. Check out the trailer and share your thoughts.

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