Trailer Review: Good People (2014)

Never take the money.

A trailer for this new crime thriller is online.

Good People is a new crime thriller directed by Henrik Ruben Genz and set in London. The film stars James Franco, Kate Hudson, Anna Friel, Tom Wilkinson and Omar Sy.

Tom Reed (James Franco) and Anna Reed (Kate Hudson) make a grim discovery one day when they find their neighbour dead in his apartment. Next to his body is a suitcase full of money and the couple take the cash to pay their bills. Unfortunately, the dead man was involved with some dodgy people who are looking for the money. This gang of thieves is led by Omar Sy (X-Men: Days of Future Past) who quickly finds out the Reeds have taken the cash. The Reeds are then forced to seek help from a local cop played by Tom Wilkinson as they are in over their heads.

The story is nothing new as it bears similarities to the plot in movies like A Simple Plan and Shallow Grave. This type of crime thriller usually has a plot structure loosely based on old cautionary tales about the dangers of giving into temptation. Savvy viewers figure out rather quickly that even the best laid plans can fall apart and things will go bad for the main characters.

Good People benefits from good casting as Franco and Hudson look convincing as a young couple struggling to make ends meet. Omar Sy adds flavor too as an interesting villain and Tom Wilkinson always add gravitas to a movie. The London setting is also a bonus for UK fans as it is always nice to see the capital used as a backdrop in movies.

The good casting and acting on display in the trailer make it interesting to watch as the characters go through the motions. Good People has a derivative plot and the trailer itself is unremarkable but the actors inject some vitality into it. This could be a movie worth watching for the actors who do their best with the material given to them.

There is no release date for the film right now but look out for it in the near future.

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