Dad's Army marches on to the big screen

Classic Home Guard sitcom Dad's Army set for film adaptation - Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring!

Pay attention, you stupid boy, because Dad’s Army is set for a big screen adaptation.

Producer Damian Jones said it was the sitcom’s “universal appeal” that convinced him a cinematic version would work.

Despite repeats of the programme gaining notoriety in recent years for interrupting the BBC’s snooker coverage, there is no doubting that it remains a national treasure. The premise of a lovable, but inept, bunch of Home Guard recruits trying to defend king and country during World War II, continues to enchant generations. In fact, the original cast also enjoyed a foray into the movies in 1971.

Dad’s Army was written by one of TV’s most prolific partnerships, David Croft and Jimmy Perry. Croft passed away in 2011, aged 89, but his surviving partner was recently interviewed about the film: “Up to now I haven’t taken it too seriously,” said the 90-year-old Perry.

“When I signed the contract to release the film rights, one provision was that I didn’t have to write anything, I didn’t have to do anything, I’m letting them get on with it.” So who will have to fill these enormous shoes? It has been reported that Hamish McColl will be penning the script. McColl’s CV includes Johnny English Reborn and Mr Bean’s Holiday, which will no doubt please some fans whilst filling others with complete dread.

Other names linked to the still would-be project include director Oliver Parker, alongside producer Jones, while in front of the camera Toby Jones and Bill Nighy are favourites for the roles of Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson. The relationship between these two characters, played to perfection by Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier, was the linchpin of the show. As much as Mainwaring was in charge of the platoon, he would often be undermined by the more laid-back Wilson.

Nothing is set in stone as yet, but, in the words of Lance-Corporal Jones, don’t panic!

Sources: BBC
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