News and Rumour Round-Up 03/04/11

We look back at this week's biggest movie news...

We look back at this week’s biggest movie news…

  1. We were treated to two slices animation news; the Madagascar penguins are set to feature in their own spin-off film whilst Monsters Inc. is preparing to get the prequel treatment in the guise of Dan Scanlon-directed Monster’s University.
  2. Justin Bieber is supposedly set to return to the silver screen. He will star as a teenager who, after being confronted by his older self (Kutcher), will try and get to grips with his adolescence with Kutcher’s guidance.
  3. Bryan Cranston (aka Hal from Malcolm in the Middle) will be the baddie in the Total Recall remake… the rumours surrounding the film suggest it’s going to be a corker.
  4. Batman faces yet another reboot after Nolan is done with him next summer to coincide with Warner Bro’s’ Justice League movie. Thousands of cinema fans groan.
  5. Hailee Steinfield’s name has been attached to a Sleeping Beauty project set to revamp the fairytale…
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