Trailer Review: Seven Cases (2014)

Revenge is served ice cold in Seven Cases

Seven Cases is a gritty new crime thriller directed by Sean J. Vincent. The film also has a nice cast including Steven Berkoff, Samantha Fox, Dave Vincent Philips and Paul Cooper.

Floyd (Dave Vincent Philips) and Mitchell (Paul Cooper) are trying to locate seven briefcases containing stolen money from their last robbery. Unfortunately, in order to obtain the cases they will have to face a series of tests and trials set up by someone out for revenge. During one of their heists an innocent bystander was killed by accident and a relative of that victim called Lawson (Steven Berkoff) seeks vengeance. Lawson has waited fifteen years for Floyd and Mitchell to be released from prison so he could punish them. He is clearly devoted to his cause and will stop at nothing to make Floyd and Mitchell pay for the loss of his loved one. He kidnaps people close to the dynamic duo and sets them up in elaborate SAW-style booby traps which Floyd and Mitchell will have to figure out. If the men can solve Lawson’s twisted puzzles they may be able to save their friends, retrieve the money and find a way to settle with Lawson himself.

The cast is excellent as all the players shown in the trailer look convincing in their roles. It’s nice to see Samantha Fox again as she has doesn’t appear in movies or TV shows that often these days. Steven Berkoff in particular stands out as a man who appears to have been driven mad by his lust for revenge. He appears to be enjoying himself here and he is always good at playing villains or slightly unsavory characters. Lawson is an interesting character as he has a clear motive for his actions. His character is similar to Gerard Butler’s Clyde Shelton from Law Abiding Citizen as both characters have struggled to come to terms with a personal tragedy. Philips and Cooper also stand out as men who are wracked with guilt over that robbery fifteen years ago. Their mistake was thinking they could commit one last robbery and get away with it. In the movies, that one last job always goes pear shaped.

The trailer is effective as it features action but also plenty of dialogue and a few plot details as the two main characters reflect on past and present events. The cinematography and editing are also good and the trailer is intriguing enough to make viewers want to see the feature film.

Seven Cases will be released later this year so look out for it. Also, check out the trailer and share your thoughts.


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