Top 10 Movie Characters Men Want To Be

The alpha male characters most men probably want to be like...

If I could be any man in film, I would be…

10. Stifler (American Pie)
The popular, sporty and funny guy we all wanted to be at school, Stifler doesn’t have trouble with the ladies.

9. Danny Ocean (Oceans 11)
A smooth but sharp character with incredible intelligence. He masterminded stealing an impossible amount of money from a casino that was impossible to steal from.

8. Van Wilder (Van Wilder)
He is the King of parties – don’t all men wish they were able to claim that title? Loved by the ladies and admired by everyone around him, his outlook on life is a carefree party-filled one.

7. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
He’s drunk and unwashed but the women still love him. How many men can claim that? He is the captain of a pirate ship and what little kid doesn’t want to be a pirate?

6. Charlie Croker (The Italian Job)
The brains behind pulling off one of the coolest bank robberies ever, he drove minis through the heart of Italy and is famous for his line; ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’ A cool character and master criminal men dream of being.

5. Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
A boring university professor most of the time but that doesn’t mean he can’t lead a thrilling double life as a treasure hunting, mystery solving, archaeologist. Most men dream of having that sort of excitement in their mundane jobs.

4. John McClane (Die Hard)
Only a real man can save a building full of partiers whilst wearing a grubby vest. Read our Die Hard review here!

3. Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Rich, cocky, business tycoon that has a collection of vintage cars, an amazing home. Oh and yes, a metal suit he uses to stop super criminals. Who wouldn’t want those things? Read our Iron Man 2 review here!

2. Bullitt (Bullitt)
He is a hard boiled cop that doesn’t need to play by the rules. Owning an amazing car just tops his cool factor. All men wish they could have his kind of job at some point and his car most days. Read our Bullitt review here!

1. James Bond (Sean Connery) (James Bond)
Was there any doubt what character would be number one in a list of characters all men want to be? He is a hit with the ladies, owns some of the best gadgets known to man, has driven some of the best cars in the world and is an international spy. What man wouldn’t want to be him?


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