Trailer Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) – Trailer 2

The X-Men go back to the future in this exciting new trailer

A new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is online and it is full of high stakes action and drama.

The film, directed by Bryan Singer involves Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) being sent back in time to help the X-Men from the past prevent a serious crisis in the future. In the near future, the American government is so afraid of mutants that it creates an army of robots known as the Sentinels to round them up for internment. This controversial legislation is brought about due to a serious incident that takes place involving the mutant called Mystique (played again by Jennifer Lawrence.) Wolverine must venture into the past and recruit the old X-Men to try and prevent this incident from taking place. Doing that may prevent the war in the future between the mutants and the Sentinels which will claim many casualties.

One of the interesting things about the film is that it combines cast members from the older X-Men movies with the cast from X-Men: First Class. Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page and Ian McKellen reprise their roles from the X-Men trilogy and their scenes take place in the future. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence also return from First Class and their scenes take place in the past.

Days of Future Past appears to have a bleak tone as the stakes in this film are very high and the mutants are going through some serious ordeals. The future X-Men shown in the trailer are depressed and downtrodden as they are fighting a war which has already claimed numerous lives. The X-Men from the past are also dealing with their own issues as they struggle to come to terms with the events from First Class.

A few new characters are also introduced in the trailer including Peter Dinklage as Boliver Trask, the man responsible for creating the sentinels and Omar Sy as the mutant called Bishop. Those scenes are mixed in with lots of action showing the future mutants fighting the Sentinels and those in the past trying to avert the future war. It’s a very good trailer which contains plenty of action, drama and some solid acting from a talented cast.

The film will be released on May 22nd in the UK and the 23rd of May in the US. Check out the trailer and share your thoughts.

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