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Make up artists often go unrecognised but, thanks to the Make Up Forever Academy, future artists are given the skills to produce impressive results.

Art is in a constant state of flux. What is held with high regard one day can be dismissed in a blink of an eye the next. Some pieces of art capture a moment and, as such, capture the hearts and minds of those who see it. Through this power they gain a timelessness, evoking powerful emotions that little else can inspire. Art comes in many guises, the widely recognised and the more niche. Make up and the skills required to create human art falls into both categories; it provides a much needed skill for the cinematic and theatrical industries whilst it can provide some impressive art in itself.

The Make Up Forever Academy sets out to hone the skills of professional make-up artists using unique training methods. Their students go on to enjoy careers in varying sectors, including photography, sales, fashion and cinema. What’s important, however, is that all are given the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons and produce inspiring, if not wholly conventional, art.

The company has various academies throughout the world and is expanding its empire by launching the TV and Cinema Academy at la Cité du Cinéma. Located near Paris, the academy will educate students various film-related make up skills, including SFX, beauty and prosthetics. The skillset provided by the academy allows its students to hone their craft which, in turn, benefits the wider society… where would the likes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and more niche releases such as Pan’s Labyrinth be without make-up artists? In fact, once you scratch at the surface of most feature films, you begin to appreciate the presence of make-up artists, bringing script writer’s words to life in ways few else could begin to imagine.

So here’s to the likes of the Make Up Forever Academy who, through their continued efforts to educate new generations of make-up artists, provide the world with various art forms that will continue to evoke emotional responses in audiences across the globe through various outlets for years to come.

Watch the launch video of the new Academy below.

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