Stephen Fry’s 10 Best BAFTA Quotes: 2014 Edition

Take a look at our pick of Stephen Fry's best 'Stephen Fryisms' from this year's BAFTA awards

Steve Coogan says that Stephen Fry elevates presenting an award show to an art form, and judging by his performance presenting the BAFTAs over the last decade or so, we’d have to agree! These are some of our favourite Stephen Fryisms from this year’s awards…

1. Introducing Oprah Winfrey:

“Her performance in the Butler was so moving I almost gave mine the afternoon off”

2. In his opening speech:

“I find myself humbled, honoured, and in the best sense of the word, paid to be here”

3. Taking the opportunity to tease Leonardo DiCaprio:

“We have a tradition here at BAFTA of asking one of the stars to blow a little kiss down the camera, and would you believe it this year we drew lots until your name came up”

4. Warning the winners not to milk their thank you speech:

“If you are given a cup of tea it is customary to say thank you, however you don’t then go on and thank the kettle, the cup, the milk, the cow, the tea-picker”

5. We want to see photographic evidence of this one:

“We have quite a few traditions here at BAFTA, including the one where I get slightly tipsy at the after party and attempt to French kiss every winner’s trophy”

6. Describing his good friend and colleague Emma Thompson:

“A ghastly piece of shrieking stinking offal”

7. Introducing Best Film nominee Captain Phillips:

“…also known as ‘Saving Mr Hanks’ (big laugh from the audience). I can’t be the first person to have thought of that…”

8. Introducing Ray Winstone as:

“…the frightening…ly gifted Ray Winstone”

9. Introducing Alicia Vikander as:

“A woman so Swedish she comes flat packed”

10. Describing 12 Years A Slave:

“(the film) filled me with a mixture of shock, fear and horror that I haven’t experienced since seeing myself naked in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

BONUS for literary reference: After introducing harrowing Best Film nominee 12 Years a Slave with a bit of a joke:  “Forgive my facetiousness, but as Lord Byron wrote, sometimes we laugh so that we may not weep”
DOUBLE BONUS for sheer mastery of the English language: Correcting grammatical errors in the thank you speech of more than one award winner
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