Will Smith turns down role in Independence Day 2

Will Smith has confirmed he will not be returning for Independence Day 2

Will Smith has told the studio producing Independence Day 2 that he will turn down a role in the film. The film is being produced by FOX and will again be directed by Roland Emmerich. Emmerich along with his co-writer and producer Dean Devlin were hoping to bring Smith back on board for the film’s sequel, due for release on July 4, 2016.

Will Smith had a big role in the first film as Captain Steven Hiller, and many fans hoped he would return for the sequel. The first Independence Day was hugely successful, so a sequel is not too surprising. It is strange though that Emmerich and the studio waited so long before deciding to do this follow up.

Smith has previously stated that he wants to stop appearing in big blockbuster movies. Turning down a role in ID2 does makes sense considering the actor is looking to branch out into other roles.

Sources: Deadline
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