Husk (2011) – Review

Scarecrows provide the scares in Husk...

Husk is a feature length remake of a short film of the same name starring Guillermo Diaz. Both directed by Brett Simmons, here he evidently tries to flesh out the story to cover the span of a full length film but ultimately fails. Due to there not being nearly enough depth to carry the film, the film is filled with prevailing gaps of boredom.

Husk follows a group of friends who find themselves stranded in a cornfield and discover that they are in the centre of a supernatural ritual.

The film, at its heart, has many flaws. It doesn’t cover new territory and it tries to ignore other films that have used scarecrows as their main antagonists which, although possibly being construed as a good thing, will actually make viewers wish that the writer had had a fresh wave of ideas. There are some elements of the story which are baffling and were actually looked at in Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Dead Birds and even Hallowed Ground . Husk doesn’t tend to acknowledge these which is naive on the film makers part.

Husk fares rather well stylistically; if the audience can ignore the odd dizzying camera angles that are used in action-orientated sequences they will be able to appreciate the gritty and 80s-esque feel to the whole thing, especially the spooky atmosphere. Unfortunately it does feel more like an all style, not a lot of substance, event. Despite its many flaws, at least in the end the audience can be thankful that the film doesn’t revert back to the idea that horror and nudity are necessarily entwined with one another.

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