News and Rumour Round-Up 20/3/11

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  1. Although spring is upon us, festive news is already trickling in from tinsel town… and the news is very promising indeed. Rumour has it that Billy Bob Thornton could reprise his (rather good) Bad Santa role. The 2003 film provided an antidote to the archetypal family festive flick and presented Thornton as an alcoholic imposter who dresses as santa every year in order to swindle unwitting malls out of money and merchandise. Read our review here.
  2. Michale Gough died aged 94. Best known for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred in the 80’s/90’s Batman franchise. Forming a close union with Tim Burton he went on to star in many of his film. R. I. P. Michael.
  3. It was confirmed that Kevin Costner will appear in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. Snyder, who’s set to unleash Sucker Punch onto screens next month, will have Costner appear as Clark Kent’s adoptive father.
  4. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman threequel was finally revealed… and he’s to play Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson)’s son Alberto Falcone. Other casting decisions are slowly filtering through, with Juno Temple being the latest to join the ensemble.
  5. … And finally it’s been announced that Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade will bring Daredevil back to screens… yes, that awful film where Ben Affleck played a blind lawyer-come-superhero has received the reboot nod. Here’s hoping it’ll be better than the last attempt.
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