Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight May Still Get Made

Rumours are still flying in circles around Quentin Tarantino's supposedly shelved western The Hateful Eight, which it seems may be back on the cards

During an episode of The Tonight Show, Quentin Tarantino broke the news that he was planning to make a western. It was later revealed this western was to be titled The Hateful Eight. Then last month, not long after the director had passed out the first draft of the film to six associates, the script was leaked.

Upon discovering the betrayal, Tarantino blew his top – or at least, we imagine that he blew his top; he’s a passionate guy, after all – and decided to shelve the film. However, it now seems that The Hateful Eight may well be back on the cards. According to Tweets from the Wrap’s Jeff Sneider, ‘The Hateful Eight is back on, as sources tell me that Quentin has reached out to Sam Jackson in the week since he called off the movie.’

Who the frickety frack is this ‘Sam Jackson’, you may well be wondering. Oh that’s right, Samuel L. Jackson (that 140 character count makes fools of us all), versatile and erstwhile star of many a Tarantino movie. If sitting down to tea and biscuits with Samuel L. means what we all fervently hope it means, then we could be seeing The Hateful Eight hitting our screens in the near future after all. Although according to Sneider, a rewrite is also planned:

‘I’m told that the initial betrayal came as a shock, but QT has calmed down and is having second thoughts about moving on. Will rewrite script.’

Tarantino is a director born to make spaghetti westerns. Anyone familiar with his oeuvre who also has even a rudimentary knowledge of classic westerns will be able to see the huge influence that films like Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly have had on Tarantino’s films (particularly, of course, on Django Unchained).

In other words, we’re all champing at the bit to see good ol’ Quent crack out a classic, blood-splattered, balls to the wall cowboy movie in a year or so’s time, and we’d very much like it if one little script leak is not stopping him from doing that.

Sources: Total Film, MTV
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