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James McAvoy plays a bad cop in the trailer for this crime film

Irvine Welsh’s novel, Filth is the perfect source material for a movie adaptation and now one has finally been made. The film is directed by Jon S. Baird and is being distributed by Lionsgate films.

James McAvoy who plays a bad guy for a change and the results based on the trailer look impressive. McAvoy plays Bruce Robertson, a brutal cop from Edinburgh with no self control and anger management issues. He is a loathsome character who makes Harvey Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant look like a choir boy by comparison. Robertson is the protagonist in both Welsh’s book and here in the movie adaptation.

Filth gives the viewer a fly on the wall look at the crazy life Robertson leads. The main plot involves Robertson doing all he can to get a promotion in the police force while simultaneously ruining his colleagues chances of rising up the ranks too. He feels threatened by his rival in the force, Ray Lennox (played by Jamie Bell) and he makes it his mission to scupper Lennox’s career. He also spends a lot of time swearing, screwing and taking drugs on a daily basis.  Sooner or later Robertson’s chaotic lifestyle will be his undoing and he seems to be losing his grip on reality.

The trailer is action packed as it shows Robertson running around wreaking havoc and being detestable. There is an interesting car-crash TV appeal to the trailer as things gradually go from bad to worse. McAvoy looks like he is having fun with his role and he is very convincing. The film also benefits from a great supporting cast including Jim Broadbent, Shirley Henderson, Imogen Poots and Eddie Marsan. McAvoy’s Robertson is an unlikeable character but an interesting one and the trailer neatly combines drama with comedy which makes it entertaining.

Filth has already been released in the UK and US moviegoers can see the film when it is released on May 30th, 2014. Check out the trailer here and share your thoughts.

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