Review: You're Next (2013)

Atmospheric and with just the right amount of jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat from opening scenes, You’re Next is a thoroughly entertaining horror that deliver the goods.

The much hyped horror from Adam Wingard finally arrives on DVD and proves more than worthy of the praise, proving to be one of the highlights of last year.

One of things that sets You’re Next apart from similar horror fare is that the characters are for the most part well written and genuinely interesting rather than just a cast of identi-kit disposable teens. Thankfully the actors deliver decent performances all round and you should expect to see a lot more of Sharni Vinson in future horror based on this performance. It’s not a tour de force of acting by any means but it really does make a difference when the actors are actually making an effort, especially in this type of movie.

The script is witty throughout and whilst the film is a mostly bleak affair it is liberally sprinkled with very sharp and very funny lines.  Documentary filmmakers out there think twice before announcing your chosen genre!

Thankfully the story keeps pace with the dialogue and what it lacks in originality it makes up for with some decent twists. They may not be that hard to spot but it’s nice to see a filmmaker not just relying on genre tropes to provide entertainment. Admittedly it’s a slow burn but the story and writing is strong enough to carry you through the first half hour and keep you engaged.

Rest assured though when it all hits the fan even the most die hard horror fans will not be disappointed. There are some awesome kills and the practical gore effects look great, even the animal masks which in all honestly looked a little gimmicky in the trailer work very well and are genuinely disturbing.

The sparse soundtrack is excellent throughout and the uplift to a thumping electro score for the final scenes feels natural and certainly enhances the atmosphere already established.  The shift away from Perfect Day (used in the trailer) is a welcome one and Dwight Twilley’s Looking For The Magic gets a new (albeit darker) lease of life here.

Whilst it doesn’t do anything new, You’re Next is a strong genre piece that rates up there with American Mary and Evil Dead (2013) and is another example of why 2013 was a great year for horror.

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