Land of the Lost (2009) – Review

Take a trip sideways through space and time...

Dinosaurs, ape men and aliens; usually the stuff of kid’s films, but five minutes in and it is clear that Land of the Lost is no children’s adventure film. Aimed more at big kids than actual kids, the movie is a comical sci-fi adventure that makes for easy viewing. The huge and colorful sets, whilst being aesthetically pleasing, give the film a greater sense of fun. Directed by Brad Silberling (the man behind Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events) puts an emphasis on getting the audience not taking the movie too seriously.

The story follows the misadventure of Dr. Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell), his beautiful assistant Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel) and dopey hill-billy Will Stanton. After being thrown into an alternate world they are joined on their exploration by Chaka (Jorma Taccone). A strange ape-like creature, Chaka pledges a strange form of loyalty to Marshall, consummated by Chaka trying to hump his leg. He then often leaves him behind to almost get eaten or killed.

This is an entertaining take on a 70’s classic television show and, as anyone has come to expect from a Ferrell movie, it is full of random hilarious one-liners. Although he may be seen as playing the same character in most films, he is always entertaining and this film is not exception. The enthusiastic, if most serious, character, Holly Cantrell, is played with a comical turn by Anna Friel. The dopey hill-billy, Will Stanton, is convincingly portrayed by Danny McBride in a role that fits his acting styles perfectly.

Full of one-liners, a blossoming romance and some surprisingly interesting on-screen chemistry between Ferrell and Friel, there is also a budding bromance between Chaka and Stanton in the film which is both entertaining and heart-warming.

Land of the Lost is a movie that you can watch simply to enjoy. Do not expect an in-depth, life-changing master-piece but do expect laughs a-plenty.

Best line: ‘Captain Kirks Nipples’.
Best scene: When Will Ferrell is pouring dinosaur pee on himself and his eyes begin to burn.
Best legs: Anna Friel.
Reason to watch: One-liners you will want to say to your friends.

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