Day of the Dead Remake Gets Director

Mark Tonderai is to helm the remake of George Romero's zombie classic Day of the Dead

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he upcoming remake of George Romero’s zombie classic, Day of the Dead, has secured itself a director in Mark Tonderai.

Tonderai’s filmography is short, having only directed the rarely seen, low budget British thriller Hush and more recently, Jennifer Lawrence in House at the End of the Street. According to Deadline, the script has been written by Tonderai and someone called Lars Jacobson; with the plot being: “years after the zombie plague has wiped out most of Earth’s population, a group of scientists and survivors attempt to find a cure, and instead open Pandora’s box”.

Since we have collectively purged it from our memory, it is easy to forget that this is not the first time that Day of the Dead has been remade. It was only in 2008 that Steve Miner attempted and failed to produce a successful, updated version of the story (If you want our advice, do not check it out) Romero is no stranger to seeing remakes of his beloved classics; Night of the Living Dead was remade in 1990, and then in 2006 with added 3D, and Dawn of the Dead, in what is probably the most successful attempt, was brought back to life in 2005 by Zack Snyder.

Millennium Studios – the studio who also brought us the first remake – are targeting a summer 2014 production start. Whether this new take on the horror story will dispel the reactionary doubts people are surely having remains to be seen.

Sources: Deadline
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