Trailer Review: Noah (2014)

Russell Crowe prepares for the end of the world in this first trailer for Noah.

The story of Noah is well known to many and the subject material lends itself well to movies. Now a modern film adaptation of the tale is due out next year and this is the first trailer. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky and it stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Ray Winstone.

Russell Crowe stars as Noah who is informed by God that man is living on borrowed time. If mankind continues to live in sin and ignore the will of God then he will unleash a great flood that will wash away everything. Noah tries to warn his people of this impending doom but is ignored and left to contemplate what will happen. He then starts to build his Ark in an attempt to try and survive what is coming, he also turns to a race of angels known as the Watchers for help.

has a great cast, a very talented director and the project looks great on paper. The trailer is competently made as it gives viewers a nice teaser of what the feature film will offer. The talented cast are all reliable so viewers can expect good performances provided the actors are given good material to work with. It’s the acting which really makes the trailer enjoyable to watch as Crowe dishes out ominous lines about the end of the world. Noah’s relationship with the angels also sounds interesting too and it will be cool to see how those scenes play out in the feature.

The special effects are good enough but the CGI action scenes don’t really stand out much. They resemble scenes from just another routine disaster/adventure movie which is a shame. Audiences have seen huge floods and natural disasters before so there is nothing new here in terms of spectacle. Hopefully the narrative will not be shoved to one side in favor of CGI effects and too many action set-pieces. Judging by the trailer it seems the acting and drama are the strongest aspects of this film. Time will tell if the feature can find the right balance between drama and gripping spectacle.

Fans eager to check out Noah can watch it when the film is released on March 28th, 2014. Have a look at the trailer and share your thoughts.

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