Top 10 Movie Characters You Wouldn't Want To Fight

How do you fancy your chances squaring up to some of cinema's best fighters? Here's our run down of the silver screen's toughest opponents...

Here is a run down of 10 Movie Characters you wouldn’t want to meet in a boxing ring…

10. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes). Intelligent and quick. This opponent has a methodical approach to a fight so beware – you’re going to get hurt. You might be able to make it to round 9 if you’re lucky.

9. Tyler Durden (Fight Club). [SPOILERS] Apart from being a gluten for punishment, this fighter has no fear and a warped sense of humor. Another advantage he has is the fact that he is someone’s alternate persona so he can’tactually be hurt. That is a major advantage and even if you do hurt him – ‘You have no idea where he has been, Lou’. Just keep on fighting strong and you might make it to round 8.

8. Batman (The Dark Knight). You know you don’t want to fight someone who spends his nights dressed as a bat beating the crap out of criminals. Not only that, but his plethora of gadgets are bound to leave you rather discombobulated. As long as you keep away from his Bat-a-rangs and fists you should be able to make it to round 8.

7. Apollo Creed (Rocky). This guy almost beat Rocky. Enough said. He is going to beat you, but at least if you dance around the ring you might be able to last till round 7.

6. Hancock (Hancock). With a bad attitude and alcohol problem this guy would be a handful at the best of times. Chuck in super-human strength and the ability to fly and things just look bad. Bring a bottle of Jack and you could last a few rounds. Maybe until round 5.

5. King Leonidas (300). This guy was born to fight. It’s all he knows. It would take a brave fighter to go toe to toe with this warrior. He will want to get this fight over with so he can go kick someone into a hole. Round 3.

4. Jason Bourne (The Bourne Trilogy). Military trained, he is a killing machine. Although he uses guns, be aware that his hands are just as deadly. If you keep away from him you may just make it to round 3. Hopefully he will forget how to fight too.

3. Wolverine (X-Men). He is a bit of an animal. You know it’s going to be a tough fight when your opponent has a metal skeleton, super fast healing and claws. You might want to throw in the towel after the first round, but if you keep on fighting you could make it to round 2.

2. Marv (Sin City). He takes such a beating but he still doesn’t stop. He may just be hallucinating you are there but his punches are going to feel very real. He is going to destroy you but hopefully he will be enjoying himself so he will take his time. Round 2 K.O.

1. Rocky (Rocky). You wouldn’t want to find yourself in the ring with this fighter. He has beat the best. He has come close to losing but always came out on top. You might as well take a dive so you don’t get beaten too bad. It’s going to be a first round knock out.

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