Trailer Review: Homefront (2013)

Jason Statham and James Franco appear in this new trailer for Homefront.

Homefront is a new action-thriller directed by Gary Fleder and based on a novel by Chuck Logan, the story was adapted into a screenplay by Sylvester Stallone who was rumoured to also star in the film as the lead character until he left the project.

The film stars Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth and Vincent D’Onofrio. Statham plays a former DEA agent called Phil Broker who moves to a small town with his young daughter to start a new life. Things go smoothly until Broker has an altercation with some local drug traffickers led by James Franco who plays a bad guy called Gator. Broker doesn’t like to be pushed around by drug dealers and he decides to fight them which causes chaos in the town.

The trailer does its job well and it unfolds in a fairly predictable fashion which is not surprising. The viewer knows that sooner or later Statham will end up having to fight some guys in a fracas and the trailer does not disappoint in this regard. Franco is also given a fair bit of screen time which is good as it allows the viewer to see the kind of character he is playing, Kate Bosworth also appears a fair bit too as Gator’s girlfriend and partner in crime. Perhaps the only flaw with the trailer is that it’s a bit too long, it contains a few superfluous scenes that pad out the length for no good reason.

Statham is a very good action star and he is always believable in his roles, he also seems to be taking on roles in films that have a bit of drama to go with the action lately. His role here is more interesting than some of his earlier ones as he plays a father with responsibilities, he is not playing another maverick loner who does what he wants and disregards all the rules. His cockney accent also enhances his role as an outsider in a small town which is cool. James Franco is a talented, versatile actor and his role here is surprising as he is not known for playing this type of bad guy. He doesn’t look like he could take on Statham in a fight and win but he looks convincing as a creepy bad guy who hires thugs to do his muscle work for him. Having such unlikely actors face each other in a film like this is unusual but also interesting, it will be fun to see if the inspired casting is a benefit to the movie.

Fans of action flicks will find a lot to like here but there also appears to be a half-decent story too for those seeking a bit more substance. Even if the action takes priority in Homefront watching Statham kick ass never gets old.

The film will be released on November 29th, check out the trailer and share your thoughts.

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