Further uncertainty for Freddie Mercury biopic

As Daniel Radcliffe denies he's up for the role of Freddie Mercury, we wonder who will eventually be cast as the Queen frontman

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s been more speculation surrounding it than a Premier League transfer deadline day, but the future of the much-talked about Freddie Mercury biopic is still uncertain.

Keeping with the football-related theme, this story completes the hat-trick of pieces we’ve penned on the subject. Yet we, like literally everyone else on the planet, are no closer to anything concrete.

One sure thing, as reported last time out, is that Sacha Baron Cohen has severed all ties with the project, due to creative differences with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. He wanted a no-holds barred movie, they wanted a family-friendly affair. You get the idea.

The very latest rumour did the rounds, before being thoroughly quashed in a matter of hours. Daniel Radcliffe was sensationally touted in the tabloids for the role of the late moustachioed frontman, in the wake of his performance as the gay poet, Allen Ginsberg, in Kill your Darlings. Then, via a podcast, the young actor stated categorically that “there is no truth to it at all,” before adding that he is “completely wrong” for the part. So there!

That’s two possibilities ruled out at least, so who’s left? One name that has cropped up time and again, and was hotly tipped for a long while, is Johnny Depp. There’s no need to re-iterate his credentials for the part, but since Baron Cohen’s bombshell he’s become the bookies’ fave once again. Anyone else while we’re at it? Russell Brand would bring the appropriate charisma and exotic looks, but there is nothing to suggest that he can actually sing, which is of course a major sticking point. Two actors who have proven vocal talent are Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman, the latter surprising everyone in Les Miserables.

Here at Roobla, we often like to end a story with some kind of reference to timescales, be it a release date or whatever. In the case of a Freddie Mercury film though, something tells us that it would be a complete waste of time, so instead we’ll end with the romantic notion that, somewhere, the man himself is thoroughly enjoying watching the drama unfold.

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