Star Wars Spin-offs will include Origins Stories

The planned series of new Star Wars films will include origins films as well as a trilogy

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n recent news it has been confirmed that some of the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movies will focus on origin stories for certain characters. Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool News has stated that the first origin spin-off will be about Yoda, some others mentioned were for Han Solo, Boba Fett the bounty hunter, Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine) and Darth Vader according to Entertainment Weekly.

This news will delight fans of the saga, and it seems Disney is keen to make the most of the franchise it acquired when it bought LucasFilm last year. Disney’s chief financial officer, Jay Rusulo has confirmed the rumours about the origin film,s so fans can expect to see them in the future. The lineup for the new films includes both a whole new trilogy featuring new characters as well as the origin stories.

The character-based origin film has proved to be very popular with fans of comic book movies from Marvel and DC, now Disney has decided to give characters from Star Wars the same treatment; it’s a savvy strategy that will no doubt pay off and make a lot of money for the studio.

Star Wars is still hugely popular and the time is right for some new films in the series, hopefully the series won’t become stale due to overexposure. Disney are keen to milk the franchise which is understandable, but sometimes it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

The first new Star Wars film will be released in 2015 so look out for it.

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