Review: Inseparable (2011)

Kevin Spacey stars in Inseparable, a surreal and completely bizarre Chinese dramedy that will have you hooked.

After facing a series of troubling events in his life, Li (Daniel Wu) is on the brink. Driven to suicide, he is rescued by Chuck (Kevin Spacey), his off-the-wall American neighbour. In his wife (Beibi Gong)’s increasingly regular absences, Chuck helps Li to turn his life around but it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

Spacey is the latest of the Hollywood elite to take on a role in a Chinese-made film, and he appears to have chosen well with Inseparable. While the plot is a surreal mish-mash of events that moves quickly in all directions and doesn’t always explain itself, Spacey’s signature dry comedy fits perfectly with the tone of the film.

Part drama, part comedy, Inseparable touches on some serious issues but manages to keep a light-hearted edge. Spacey works his magic in even the most bizarre moments, and his double-act with Wu is undoubtedly behind the film’s pull.

Despite its shortcomings this is a highly watchable film. Sometimes serious, sometimes utterly ridiculous, but thoroughly entertaining from start to finish; Inseparable is a gem not to be missed.

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