The Oscars 2011 – Your Predictions

We asked who you wanted to win the gongs at the 83rd Academy Awards - and here's what you said...

One of the biggest nights of the silver screen’s year takes place tomorrow. To make up for the fact you have no say whatsoever in who picks up the prestigious gongs as the Oscars (and because we’re a little bit nosey) we asked you for your opinions on who should win big on the night. You spoke, we listened, and here’s your predictions for the 83rd Academy Awards…

Best Motion Picture
One of the most contested awards, we had mixed responses for this category. Most of this year’s nominees got at least one vote but The King’s Speech eventually clinched it.

Best Actor
Not much of a surprise that Colin Firth got your votes in this category. James Franco picked up second place, but at the Oscars all eyes are on the winners!

Best Actress
You unanimously voted for Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Nina in Black Swan.

Best Supporting Actor
This has been battled for between Geoffrey Rush and Christian Bale in all of the big award ceremonies of the year so far… but who did you pick? Geoffrey Rush’s Logue of course!

Best Supporting Actress
Helen Bonham Carter adds another to The King’s Speech predicted gongs. Here’s hoping for another winning acceptance speech.

Best Director
You guys picked Darren Aronofsky’s handiwork for this accolade over all others.

Best Screenplay
Christopher Nolan narrowly misses out on this prize to David Seidler’s work on The King’s Speech.

Will you be proved right? Will The King’s Speech need a regal wheelbarrow to cart away all of its gongs tomorrow night? Will The Social Network be left to update its status to something suitably upset at failing to pick up some of the most prestigious cinematic accolades? Only time will tell…

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